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Daily Life with Health Challenges 2.1.16

Daily Life with Health Challenges 2.1.16


Daily Life

with health challnges

The title of this post is really " A day in the life of staying cancer free and overcoming hypothyroidism and hypocalciuema". But, that was too long. I wanted to write about the practical aspects of daily living when your trying to give your body what it needs to stay cancer free and stay on top of other issues in your body that cancer caused. ( as it pertains to thyroid cancer, hypocalciuema, and hypothyroidism)

I want to write this post for anyone overcoming any type of cancer or any who knows someone else overcoming or even just someone feeling like they can't overcome something. This is for you. The hardest aspect of receiving a diagnosis is that you feel like you've been put into a completely separate category from every one around you. From personal experience it feels like no one understands. I don't mean to elevate my struggles above anyone else's, I am simply in the process of still struggling.  

No one wants to hear the words "you have...".(Cancer, etc) Or be told you have the best version of an illness that you could possibly have. When there is nothing good or natural about any kind of illness. Before I received the medical diagnosis for papillary thyroid cancer, stage two, there was a six month process. A six month process of gaining weight back that I had lost, of feeling beyond tired and like my body never recharged, of emotional breakdowns and the feeling that something was wrong and multiple other symptoms.

There was a health and wellness checkup for work that lead to other visits that lead to lots ofblood work and then an ultrasound. Then a biopsy and a CT-scan and then a surgery. That surgery left me hardly able to move or swallow for several weeks and then unable to speak for several months and 6 months later I find myself running to catch up.

What the doctors and surgeons don't tell you is that it's more than a diagnosis, surgery, and recovery. It's more than a prescription pill you are required to take everyday. It's more than an emotional and financial challenge.

It's a lifestyle change. "It" being anything a doctor has diagnosed you with is not greater than God, I believe He ultimately has the final say on our health status and on our lives. More than any doctor. Still, we are each responsible for our part. Mike Bickle once said "We can't do God's part, but God won't do ours". Healing is a two way street. The part that only God can do, and that part we must do for ourselves. 

So, what does daily life look like practically for staying cancer free and treating hypothyroidism? It is a series of conscious choices. In terms of medicines and natural items here's what it looks like:

For hypothyroidism- Take synthyroid everyday 175 mcg on an empty stomach, wait thirty minutes before eating or drinking anything. Do not take any other medicines for four hours. (this is my 4th prescription. Ideal TSH is around or under 1. My has gone from an 8 to 24 to 4 and is still too high) hypothyroid symptoms can look like inability to lose weight, fatigue, headaches, brain fog etc.)

For hypocalciuemia- 5 D3'S each 1000mg in the evening with 15ml of liquid calcium.

Daily supplements include a plant based women's multivitamins and emergency.

Staying cancer free- I take liquid chlorophyll which is an anti carcinogenic. (cancer fighting) As well as drink water with limes to boost metabolism. I also cook with GHEE (clarified butter) which is known to be an anti-inflammatory food and cancer fighter. I use coconut oil in my coffee to boost metabolism and fight cancer.

 For pain management- When pain pills don't do the trick, here's some of my favorite natural remedies. Arnica gel, rosemary oil, and tiger balm. 

I have also switched to as many gluten free products that I can afford. Brown rice or quinoa pasta, coconut or almond flour, gluten free bread, cereals, and snacks. Gluten has been known to aggravate hypothyroid symptoms. There is also a whole new diet of acidic versus non acidic foods to kill cancer cells that I am researching as well as anti-inflammatory foods. There is a whole lot I could do that I'm not. But at the same time between a Job, family, and home management, most days I feel like I'm doing the most that I can.

Everyday is a series of choices that contribute to how well or how poorly I feel that day. The decision to eat something unhealthy could mean feeling poorly that evening. Or even sometimes just honest forgetfulness for my medication or supplement can have huge consequences.

Ultimately, I am not superwoman no matter how hard I may try too be. But I do not have to sustainthis life alone. John 10:10 says " The thief comes tokill, steal, and destroy. But I have come that you may have life and have it to the full".

God wants abundant life for me more than I want it for myself or those I love. I do not believe that cancer was Gods invention. Yes, it has been linked to certain emotions like stress or environmental factors like radiation or chemicals in our makeup and household products. I do not know the "Why" behind this. I do know with certainty that God is good and He will carry me through this, and you too. 

I've been blessed with a beautiful, energetic, joyful, inquisitive, curious, little boy. And he is my motivation for getting better. There is so much I've yet to see him do. And teach him and show him. I want him to know when he gets older that his mommy was an over comer and didn't succumb to how she felt.

I want him to know that God can help him overcome all of this life's struggles and pain. If you are someone struggling I pray that you have grace for yourself and know that God extends it to you and you don't have to do this alone, you're not alone in your struggle. If you know someone struggling may you extend more grace to them and realize there's more to the this battle than you know. There is a struggle, but to leave you with a phrase by John Eldridge "The Story Continues...".

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