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A Mother's Dream

A Mother's Dream


A Mother’s Dream

By Hannah Lacy

Some little girls grew up dreaming to nurture their own someday

some girls grew up dreaming of traveling far away

This little girl grew up dreaming to make things with her own two hands and to help her fellow man

I grew up to make a different kind of masterpiece

one with two hands, two eyes, two feet

He is a tornado of joy, energy, and curiosity

He makes friends of strangers and braves the big world on his own

he doesn’t understand the word no

He takes up the time I used to dream

but you can’t daydream when a living thing is playing by your feet

Every time he learns a bit of courage on his own I see something instilled in me

Long ago, to unfold, a mothers dream

unspoken, unpruned, growing wild on it’s own

As he learns the power of play I see creativity passing through the bloodlines and genes

I may no longer shape a lifeless thing into a masterpiece but I get to shape and behold a living work of art that endlessly grows

I pray as he sees me work, clean, sing, scold and hold the moments as they come and go that he will learn the power of love

Love coming from the heavens, love coming from my own hands, love passing through words, and life’s daily dance

Dreams grow, shift, and change

They die and are born again

To see all of loves textures and shapes was a little girls dream

 to see a little boy learn he is loved and to love others is a mothers dream

Copyrights Hannah Lacy 2017




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