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Motherhood and Creativity

Motherhood and Creativity


Motherhood and Creativity

Motherhood and creativity. Two things that require your time, energy, and attention couldn't possibly go hand in hand could they? 

It was a few short weeks after my son was born that I was reading The first 40 days, the art of nourishing the new mother ( which I highly recommend if your a new mom, expecting, or post partum) by Heng Ou. Then these words jumped out at me "Pregnancy and childbirth are the most creative acts of the human experience". Being a mother is one of the most creative positions in the world. Mothers make all kinds of things and have the greatest source of inspiration: our children. 

I was only 20 when I first became a mom and it seemed my life long desire to create only increased with motherhood. At first it felt like these two sides of me were competing - the dreamer/creator and the mother/provider at war with each other. I used to feel guilty as mom for wanting to pursue creative endeavors. But then I realized I am a happier better mother for having created and a better artist for having mothered. 



Motherhood is a breeding ground for creativity. It forces you to look at the same things differently. The 500th time you look at something you will see something you missed the first time. Plus limitations are creativity's best companion. When you don't have what you need whether it is time, resources or materials- you make do and make something new. 

Motherhood has brought out the best in me as a creative because even though I have less time and energy, I have more hunger. Hunger to see the world through their eyes, to portray it as they see it and to make it better for them. I don't just create for myself anymore, I create for them.

My ideas and projects used to be like a pool: many and widespread. Now they are like a well: few and focused. I make much less than I used to prior to becoming a mother but what I make I believe in more because of my children. 


Mothers make spaces to call home, they make moments, and they make memories. A mother can take any space and make it inviting. A mother can take a bad day or moment and create it into a happy one. They can take the ordinary and the mundane and make it magical. 

It is my firm belief that whatever creative interests or niches we as women have were God given and designed to help as mothers create not only what we love to make but beautiful childhood's for our children to look back on. Dear Mother, you have permission to create. Our children don't need perfect mothers, they just need their mother. Creating is part of who you are and who your children need you too be. 

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