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Essentials for the New Mother

Essentials for the New Mother

Some of the best advice I've ever received is this: Healing is being kind to you. Sounds simple doesn't it? Be kind to you. I believe the vast majority of us would never be intentionally unkind to anyone we care about, but we often leave ourselves out of this equation. 

As a new mother it is so easy to be harsh, critical, and judgemental towards yourself. You are sleep deprived, hungry, sore, hormonal, emotional. There is so much going on and yet we seem to expect even more from ourselves than ever during this vulnerable period after having children. 

So in honor of healing and being kind to you and new mothers everywhere ( the following items are wonderful and whether you have a newborn/toddler/school age/teenager/ or adult child being kind to yourself is always needed). None of these items are sponsored or gifted.      I am not receiving any compensation for sharing them. I genuinely love all the items I am about to share and have found them very useful these past 90 days post-partum,   

  1. Soft/ Pretty Robe. (mine is the black floral lace trim delivery/nursing maternity robe see here:> pink blush ) Who really needs an excuse to buy something with florals and lace? But if you do I have used this robe for 3 different occasions: in my 3rd trimester when nothing else fit, at the hospital giving birth to my second ( thankfully my husband and the midwives saved it) and for nursing/postpartum life. This went in my hospital bag. Every woman and mother deserves to feel pretty. 
#35weeks with baby#2

#35weeks with baby#2

        2. Lactation Bars and Tea. My favorites are the ones from  > Oat Mama. Disclaimer: They say you are really hungry when your pregnant which may be true for some. But I am infinitely more hungry as a nursing mother than I was as an expectant mother. When your nursing/changing diapers/ not sleeping 24/7 there is not a lot of time or energy for cooking. But your body needs nutrition more than ever. I wish I had known about these as a first time mom. If you are nursing or pumping these are definitely essential. Even if you are not it's so important to have nutritious/healing foods readily available. Took these to hospital and they are friendly for nearly all food allergy's see label.  It is so important as the care givers in our family to give our bodies good fuel.


        3. Essential Oils. I know, I know. If you're tired of seeing everyone rave about essential oils I'm sorry, but they really do work. Do they cure everything? I'm doubtful. Do they help? Yes, I know from personal experience. You are extremely limited in what medications you can take during both pregnancy and nursing. As always consult your doctor/physician whenever your using anything during pregnancy/nursing. There are many different brands, I personally love young living and bought them from a friend who is a distributor. But you find them at whole food stores as well as amazon. I love lavender, gentle baby, valor, and frankincense. I also used these in my my 3rd trimester and packed them in my hospital bag.

        4. Health/wellness book for the new mother. There are a lot of resources out there by my favorite book so far for new mother care has been: The first 40 days by Heng Ou. It is full of recipes/advice/practical care as well as soul care. 


This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the things that are helpful or essential in caring for yourself as a new mother (see pinterest). But they are a few and simple things that have been so very helpful for me as a new mother. Remember neither motherhood or healing is a one size fits all. The important thing is take care of yourself and be kind to you so you can continue caring for those you love! Please share with any new or expecting mothers you know.


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